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Dec 1, 2023 - Jun 1, 2024

SOMA Skin Club 6 Months

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This is your exclusive membership to glow! What's up first? Initial Check In: This is where we will look at your skin, your goals and design your routine. We will use our Observe Skin Analysis to analyse your skin and then we will get to work at what we do best! Each treatment will involve a combination of actives and ingredients for your skin to get maximum results. What's commitment is required? Month One and Two we aim to see you every second week. This is to enhance your skin goals and let's face it, what's an extra hour of relaxation in a busy lifestyle. Month One: 2 Treatments Month Two: 2 Treatments Month Three to Six: One Treatment/month Treatments Included: 4 DMK Skin Revision Treatments 2 Skin Peels 2 Environ Focus Facials The more we put in, the more you will get out of it. Your commitment must also continue at home. You will have everything you need to treat your skin daily. Your skin diary must be ticked morning and evening. Skincare is a 360 degree approach. Your in house treatments are like going to your PT but what you do everyday will also reflect on your results. An extra benefit to this membership is that your skin care essentials are yours for free!! Products Included: Full Sized Cleanser Full Sized SPF Full serum/moisturiser 10% off ALL products in store We've put this programme together to ensure you can achieve your skin goals and walk away feeling more confident in your own skins glow! We can't wait to see you in January 2024 for kick off!!


SOMA Skin Club, €200.00/month


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