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Manicured Nails


At SOMA, we use Semilac Gel Polish Manicure.
A classic treatment finished off with an overlay application giving a finish that lasts 2 weeks and beyond, protecting from breakage and encouraging natural nail growth from beneath with zero drying time. 

Gel Polish

Semilac Gel Polish manicure is an excellent solution for women who value time-saving and elegant look.
  • Up to 21 days of durability
  • A wide range of colors
  • Beautiful gloss that does not diminish
  • Resistance to mechanical damage
  • Aids the growth of long and beautiful nails
2 week polish
Price: €30
Removal & 2 week polish
Price: €30
Fingers & Toes €60
Price: €60
Removal: €15
White Cream

Feel Beautiful

"Sinéad is literally the best at what she does! She’s given me such good skincare advice and my skin has never been better since going to SOMA. It’s fast becoming my favourite place to go for some relaxation and pampering."

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